A traveling exhibition of the artist's work,

  • The exhibition comprises of 17 color photographs and 20 black-and-white photographs of American nocturnal landscape photographs. The prints are matted and custom framed in black wood frames. They are 20" x 24" prints matted to 24" x 30".
Lynn Saville is flexible about the number of photographs and the ratio of black-and-white to color photographs. She is willing to work with curators to accommodate the their needs and the set-up of their galleries. Contact Lynn directly to arrange hosting this exhibition: lynnsaville@earthlink.net

The exhibition was first curated by Carla Hanzal of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. Here is an excerpt from her wall text:
    Lynn Saville (American) creates luminous photographs in the post-twilight hours. She reveals the startling polarity between the ordinariness of day and the mystery and melancholy of darkness. Within these photographs are traces of human activity, but the absence of individuals underscores the respite and solitude offered by night. In these portentous urban landscapes Saville captures a darkness that is "comforting and threatening, soft and ominous," thereby acknowledging the paradoxes evoked by these nocturnal sites.

      Carla M. Hanzal
      Curator of Contemporary Art
      Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC

Description from Mint Museum exhibition: http://mintwiki.pbwiki.com/Lynn+Saville%3A+Night+Visions

  • Past Exhibitions:
    Location Dates Notes
    Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC February - July 2007 Color prints only
    Pensacola Museum of Art, FL August - October 2007 Color and black & white
    Hiram College, OH November 2007 - January 2008 Color and black & white
    Montgomery Museum of Art, AL April - August 2008 Two shows in sequence:
    black & white, then color
    Stephen A Austin State University, TX Fall - Winter 2008 Color and black & white
    Kayafas Gallery, Boston, MA July 2009 Color and black & white

  • Currently exhibiting:
    Zoe Bingham Fine Art, London December 2010 Color prints only

  • Scheduled Exhibitions:
    AVAILABLE TO HOST January 2011 and beyond contact Lynn Saville