L Y N N     S A V I L L E
P    H    O    T    O    G    R    A    P    H    Y

Dark City:
Urban America at Night

Photographs by Lynn Saville
Introduction by Geoff Dyer

Color photographs of cityscapes at twilight and dawn that convey the richness of vacancy as a descriptor and a concept. Shuttered stores, blank billboards, untended lots, ghosted figures, and abandoned industrial sites suggest the cycle of change and renewal in which places become spaces and vice versa.

  Category: Photography
  Format: Hardcover, 128 pages
  Dimensions: 13" x 9.75"
        with 75 color photographs
  Publisher: Damiani, Bologna, Italy
  ISBN: ISBN 978-88-6208-411-6
  Publication Date: Fall 2015
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Dark City

  It's not that the city becomes uninhabited; more that it is inhabited by itself, by premises and windows, walls and doors, all of which seem to exist for their own sakes, not as conduits to or components of social interaction...Occasionally there is evidence of what might be called the archaeology of overnight: resting tools, tired steps, dreaming brooms, sleeping shadows...Stripped of contemporary merchandise and tell-tale signage, empty premises become difficult to date so that they seem sometimes to have dropped not only out of time but of history...The vacancy is both spatial and temporal-and Dark City is full of it.
    --Geoff Dyer, from his introduction to Dark City, "The Archaeology of Overnight"

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Photographs by Lynn Saville
Introduction by Arthur C. Danto

Color photographs of offbeat New York cityscapes at twilight and dawn.

Category: Photography
Format: Hardcover, 128 pages
Dimensions: 11" x 9.5" with 80 color photographs
Publisher: Random House/The Monacelli Press
ISBN: 978-1-58093-219-6 (1-58093-219-3)
Publication Date: 2009
  "Atget recorded Paris in the early morning, before anyone was about. We feel his presence in the surrounding emptiness he has kept for the generations...Saville is his New York counterpart, the Atget of vanishing New York, prowling her city at the other end of the day, picking up pieces of the past in the present, just before it is swallowed by shadows..."
    --Arthur C. Danto, from Introduction to Night/Shift


Acquainted with the Night

Photographs by Lynn Saville -- Poetry selected by Philip Fried
Introduction by Joseph Rosa -- Foreword by Bill Moyers

Category: Photography
Format: Paperback, 160 pages
Dimensions: 7.9" x 7.5" with black & white photographs
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications
ISBN: 978-0847819799 (0847819795)
Publication Date: 1997
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Acquainted with the Night

  The mysterious, seductive essence of the night has long entranced the imagination of artists and writers, and now it is the focus of a unique book that pairs evocative black-and-white photography with classic and contemporary poetry. Lynn Saville's photographs, shot after dark in and around New York and at other urban and rural sites in the United States, Portugal, Greece, and India, reveal unusual aspects of familiar cities and monuments as well as the dusky allure of fringe areas such as Manhattan's industrial district and desolate waterfronts. Rich with light and shadow, the photographs suggest the suspenseful, provocative quality of film noir.

Accompanying the photographs are 35 poems and poetic excerpts about the night, beginning with Robert Frost's "Acquainted with the Night," which inspired the book's title and mood. Selected here are works by Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes, Charles Simic, and Octavio Paz, among other award-winning poets, and citations from ancient verse such as the Rig Veda and The Epic of Gilgamesh. This volume speaks with contemplative beauty to those who love photography and poetry, and especially to all denizens of the night."